Our Global Reach

As a global team operating in over thirty different countries, we are on the ground and ready to work with our clients in any location. 

Our global versatility offers our multi-national clients consistency, standardisation and best practice in talent management. We use our vast international experience to be mindful of cultural diversity, and engage with clients at the local level in a culturally sensitive manner. This approach ensures that our talent solutions effectively enable change in each specific target audience.

We hold strategic partnerships with globally leading companies, to add value to our clients and respond nimbly in the marketplace. These include e-learning solutions, actors in business, video arts producers, accrediting bodies, and other industry experts.

We collaborate with world-class universities to conduct applied research and demonstrate business outcomes of academic theory. One of our key areas of research is understanding leadership and the predictors of success. Click here to download our CEO Dr Belinda Board's acclaimed research on leadership behaviours. Our current projects include research on the business impact of coaching, in partnership with the University of Surrey and research on psychological well-being in the workplace, in partnership with Florida State University.