Team Transformation

A global FTSE 100 company, operating in the oil and gas sector, was experiencing significant pressure due to an underperforming Executive Leadership Team.

Team Transformation

Business Need

The Executive Leadership Team had been newly formed as part of a joint venture between a global oil major and a state owned oil company. While the team was technically strong, it was under-performing and had received unfavourable ratings in a recent 360 performance review. This included low ratings on team working, collaboration, demonstrating mutual trust and respect, and enabling employees to understand company goals. The ratings reflected a deep lack of team belief in its ability to perform, which was matched by similar ratings from the executive leadership review team, the board, and the team's direct reports.  The team's business impact was being severely damaged.

What We Did

The peoplewise approach had three integrated elements:

  1. Scoping via deep dive information gathering interviews with each team member and a team psychometric. From this data, we were able to identify key contributors to the team's dysfunctional behaviours and poor performance and recommend next steps which included a team offsite
  2. Team offsite to increase self-awareness, establish team vision, and agree the behaviours and attitudes that were essential for the team to optimise its potential and achieve its short and long term business goals.  Key sessions included coaching team members in how to: work in a collaborative partnership; co-create as a team; develop and grow trust; and leverage their collective strengths;
  3. Behavioural observation and developmental goal-setting, focusing on key under-performing individuals. Individual coaching was provided to address specific performance issues.



Team feedback confirmed that short and mid term business goals had been achieved.  Significant improvement in communication with each other and direct reports, increased openness and mutual respect, and more effective team working were also achieved. The team continues to receive significantly higher performance ratings on all team performance metrics.