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For nearly two decades, we have been committed to researching human potential, fulfilling potential and marginal thinking with a view to deepening understanding of how to better predict behavior and future success. 

Our main areas of focus have been in leadership, gender diversity and the developmental pathways of critical psychological capabilities including confidence, positive resilience and drive.

As a result of our research we have now developed a range of psychometric tools to measure key capabilities that predict potential, indicate future success and highlight marginal risk.

All our psychometrics and 360s are used to create a platform of change on an organisational, team and individual level.

We provide individual participants and client organisations with rich, in-depth feedback insights, to create sustainable behaviour shift, and expertly inform organisational talent processes and decisions.

At an organisational level, our metrics enable companies to benchmark and track return on investment aligned to strategic intent. At the team level, they provide pulse checks and guide critical business decisions into talent pipelines and talent development. At the individual level, they provide personal insight and pathways for growth.

All our psychometrics are accompanied by a feedback development report. This feedback can be enhanced further by:

  • Validation interview
  • One-to-one feedback coaching session, 
  • Team insight sessions
  • Aggregated Organisational Analytics

Our psychometrics are administered on our enable integrated talent management platform, giving us a global reach across our client organisations. Click here to find out more about enable

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