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Ninety percent of Fortune 1000 companies use a 360 tool to evaluate members of their organisation. 360s are a great way to gather structured feedback in order to boost development within an L&D culture.

However, in many organisations, insights are not taken beyond the individual report to benefit the organisation as a whole. Consequently, there is a disconnect between participants completing the 360, and any organisational follow-through, which results in a lack of value and benefit being derived from the process.

At peoplewise, we want to make sure that your 360 experience provides strategic insights on the organisational, team and individual level. We offer a 360 process based on three key components.

  • Getting the right product. We do not believe in a "one-size-fits-all" approach to 360s. We offer a range of different solutions based on a variety of organisational needs. These include our Performance360, Potential360, Leadership360 and Team360. Organisations can choose whether they use our standardised product, or whether we create custom 360s based on their leadership frameworks.
  • Getting the right system. Our online platform is stylish, easy to use, self-managed and automated. Individuals can choose their own raters and rating groups, and the system sends automated pre-programmed messages to ensure survey completion. It is flexible and adaptable to the needs of each unique 360.
  • Getting the right results. As well as the standard individual reports, we maintain extensive databases for all our client organisations. These allow them to track the ratings of their talent population as a whole, to identify strengths and development areas. In addition, we customise our outputs for your specific needs - running the 360 as a stand-alone, or integrating the results into wider talent management offerings such as development centres and training programmes.

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