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Our unique Emotional Agility Profiler

Based on extensive research into the role of emotional agility on workplace potential and performance, peoplewise has developed the Emotional Agility Profiler (EAP). The EAP is a globally validated assessment tool that comprises four factors of emotional agility: Personal Insight, Personal Adaptation, Interpersonal Insight and Interpersonal Adaptation.

What the EAP offers

The EAP offers a deep assessment of an individuals' ability to recognise one's own and others' emotions, and use this information to guide one's thinking and actions in order to effectively navigate complex interpersonal contexts.
The Emotional Agility Profiler has been researched and designed to be easy to interpret and extract practical insight for immediate application. The insight the report provides, allows individuals, leaders, teams and organisations to identify and target strengths and development areas, which will increase their ability to:

  • Navigate difficult emotional situations skilfully
  • Effectively express emotions to influence positive outcomes
  • Build functional and positive group dynamics
  • Make a positive personal impact in the workplace

Why is Emotional Agility important?

Emotional agility focuses on self-knowledge and social adaptation and is a critical workplace attribute. It enables people to remain calm under pressure, build and reinforce positive relationships, enhance job performance, reduce errors, become more innovative, influence stakeholders and have a positive impact on others.

Research and experience shows that those with high levels of emotional agility achieve higher levels of job advancements and career success. Being emotionally agile improves performance, attitude and commitment at work, and decreases stress experienced by employees and by those around them. People with high levels of emotional agility behave deliberately and intentionally, adopting and flexing a range of effective interpersonal and leadership styles based on their emotional insight into the behaviours and emotions experienced by them self and others.

To find out more about the peoplewise Emotional Agility Profiler and how it can help you and your organisation or to set up a free trial, Contact Us here.

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