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Our unique Influencing Styles Profiler

After extensive research exploring influence and personal impact in the workplace, peoplewise has developed the Influencing Styles Profiler (ISP). The ISP is a globally validated assessment that defines four influencing styles (Persuade, Direct, Bridge and Energise) and identifies a person's dominant or preferred styles based on how they typically behave when they are trying to influence others.

Each of the influencing styles has its own characteristics, strengths and limitations, with no single style being better than another. Rather it is situational, and thus important that people have a broad set of influencing behaviours to draw on, so that they can select the right style or styles for the context, the people and the outcome they are wanting to achieve.


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What the ISP offers

The ISP offers a comprehensive assessment of a person's influencing style preferences and provides a detailed profile that indicates the degree to which a person has a preference for using each of the four influencing styles. In addition to highlighting most frequently and least frequently used styles, the feedback report gives rich insight into:

  • Where the person is focusing their effort
  • The degree of flexibility they currently demonstrate
  • When to apply each style and what it looks like when used appropriately and inappropriately
  • Tips for developing each of the four influencing styles, and
  • Tips for developing style flexibility

Why ISP is important

Today's organisations have flexible and interactive structures that rely far less on hierarchy than ever before. As a result, the ability to influence others and win commitment is a critical capability for success. People who are able to influence others are better equipped to drive change by gaining commitment and delivering results.
Most of us have an influencing style we tend to prefer and this can result in an overdependence on one style. The key is in understanding our preferences and how these impact our ability to influence others in the moment and avoid getting stuck using a single preferred style. The ISP gives people a deep understanding of their influencing profile, and enables them to develop those influencing styles that are weaker and learn how to flex and adapt their styles to suit the situation or audience.

To find out more about our Influencing Styles Profiler and how it can help you and your organisation or to set up a free trial, Contact Us Here.

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