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Mental agility - the ability to think clearly, flexibly and strategically under pressure - is an incredibly important indicator of workplace potential.

Extensive research across occupations and cultures has found mental agility to be the single greatest predictor of successful job performance. Many organisations use it as a core component of their assessment and development processes to identify potential for leadership success.

What makes our Mental Agility Profiler (MAP) stand out from the crowd is the rigour and depth of assessment it provides. MAP identifies the best of the best, by discriminating between the mental agility levels of the top 20% of global leaders, managers and professionals. In addition to benchmarking an individual's mental agility score, MAP analyses key test-taking behaviours, which reflects the individual's approach to problem-solving and ability to flex under pressure.

MAP is a non-verbal online test, that assesses an individual's ability to make sense of complex real-time data. It is designed to be culturally fair, and does not require any prior knowledge, education or expertise. MAP has a unique scoring system that makes it virtually impossible to fake.

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