PsyCap7 provides a valid, robust and global measure of seven critical psychological capabilities that are consistently associated with the actual and potential ability to perform in the workplace.

Psychological capabilities are not specific skills or knowledge, but rather the personal qualities that underpin an individual’s confidence, resilience and drive to promote professional and personal success.

Unlike personality measures, psychological capabilities can be developed across the lifespan, to enhance and maximise workplace performance. This means that using PsyCap7 for regular assessment and development of employees offers a high return on investment for organisations.

Like all our psychometrics, PsyCap7 is hosted on Enable, our online talent platform. It is quick and easy to use and provides an integrated talent management service solution that allows for fast, accessible and flexible talent assessment.

Wider applications of PsyCap7

  • Use our PsyCap7 psychometric to profile and develop your key talent populations
  • Apply key insights from our in-depth PsyCap7 report to enhance coaching and development activities
  • Deliver our PsyCap7 Discovery programme to provide an interactive learning and development experience to help employees grow and leverage these critical psychological capabilities
  • Conduct regular PsyCap7 pulse checks to monitor the spikes and risks of your critical talent populations during times of change or uncertainty
  • Learn how to measure and grow confidence, resilience and drive capabilities in your organisation in just one day, by registering for our PsyCap7 Administration Training.
  • Use insights from PsyCap7 to inform a deep-dive validation interview to inform selection and assessment decisions