Thought Leadership

At peoplewise, we provide our clients with world-leading analysis and evidence-based expertise in the fields of business and psychology.

We cast a wide net around the globe in search of innovative, insightful thinking. We distil this into Fresh Thoughts on the latest news and hot topics and publish updates on Our Research & Awards that our global team has been associated with. This information informs our own practice, and stimulates innovative and creative thinking for our talent solutions.

Brexit prompts skills shortage and a need for talent planning

The changing political landscape in the UK further highlights the importance of strategic talent planning and development; it has never been more important to anticipate future organisational needs and develop ‘future-fit’ talent.

Oh no, not another sporting leadership analogy….

Football is often used as an exemplar of team leadership behaviours. This isn't new. Over the course of the last Premier League season, we've seen success and failure in equal measure.

Executive research highlights top HR trends and priorities for 2017

How ready are you to tackle changes and challenges anticipated in the New Year? As we reflect on the year that’s passed, businesses must seek to understand how they can apply lessons learned and insights gained to the new challenges and obstacles that the 2017 might hold.

Diversity and Inclusion – why are organisations still struggling with it?

With years of research, strategies, policies, quotas and legislation all in place, why is the diversity and inclusion agenda still such a high priority challenge for so many organisations? Whilst some progress has been made, businesses haven't seen nearly as much as they'd hoped for by this stage. We delve into the latest thinking and identify a startlingly simple answer.

Spotlight on the performance playbook: a talk with Dr Belinda Board

For decades, many companies have adopted a structured annual performance appraisal system. Yet faced with a changing business landscape and a rising millennial workforce, many companies are starting to challenge their over-reliance on the traditional review, and invest more in embedding real-time feedback cultures.

Introducing peoplewise Leadership and Management Apprenticeship programmes

With the advent of the Apprenticeship Levy, our experts have been working hard to design innovative learning and development solutions that will develop your talent at various levels across your organisation.

The apprenticeship levy is coming

In the second quarter of 2017, the apprenticeship levy is coming into effect across England. This change in legislation provides an opportunity for organisations to reassess their talent and L&D spending strategies, and examine what value apprenticeship programmes can add to individuals, and to the bottom-line.