Apprenticeship Programmes

peoplewise is a recognised management and leadership training provider offering apprenticeship programmes across multiple markets and industry sectors.
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Our apprenticeship programmes are specifically designed to support managers and  leaders to achieve their career goals and deliver business success. Each programme is thoroughly evaluated to ensure compliance with industry standards and requirements.

In 2017 we will be launching our apprenticeship programmes to support organisations in meeting their training and development requirements. The programmes will be delivered by our qualified training facilitators, who are all experienced business professionals and experts in management and leadership behaviours.

We work with our clients to design and implement apprenticeship programmes that are tailored to suit your organisation’s requirements, and will deliver the skills and capabilities directly into your workforce.

We offer support across the full scope of apprenticeship training, including needs identification and bespoke programme design; identification and assessment of employees for entrance onto apprenticeship schemes; delivering the apprenticeship training, both in classroom and online formats; registration with a relevant professional body; delivery of on-programme assessment leading to a nationally recognised diploma in management (if desired); as well as further on-programme assessment and 1-1 support, such as 360, observations and ongoing professional discussions.

We also offer administrative support and guidance across the whole process to ensure that you get an affordable and scalable solution – offering our expert advice and services from start to finish.

During the programme, apprentices will learn and understand what constitutes an outstanding team leader / supervisor / manager / leader across different sectors. They will be required to demonstrate their application of the key knowledge, skills and behaviours and will be supported through a range of learning methodologies with real-world business application. Our approach ensures the apprentice is sufficiently prepared to undertake the End Point Assessment and achieve excellence as defined by the national apprenticeship standards.

This integrated approach helps organisations to develop and retain critical management and leadership capability, as well as identify and engage those who have the potential to be outstanding leaders of the future.

Within our apprenticeship programmes we offer:

Team leader / supervisor (Level 3) programme: designed for team leaders and supervisors that already have industry based managerial experience but limited formal training in professional management.

It will typically take up to 18 months to complete and will result in an industry recognised management diploma (Level 3). It is applicable to professional team leaders, first line managers and supervisors from all sectors and sizes of organisation.

Operations / departmental manager (Level 5) programme: designed for managers or leaders of teams / projects that have responsibility for planning, delivering and achieving departmental strategy, goals and objectives.

It will typically take up to two and a half years to complete and will result in an industry recognised management diploma (Level 5). Designed to support and prepare middle managers for senior level responsibilities, it is ideally suited for Operations Managers, Regional Managers, Divisional Managers, Departmental Managers and specialist managers that wish to improve their leadership knowledge, skills and performance.

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