Engaging & Retaining Talent

One of the most critical issues facing organisations is how to retain the employees that they want to keep. 

All too often statements like "Our people are our most important asset" or “Our people drive the business” are expressed in organisations. The problem is that most organisations stop at the superficial level. They don’t develop a comprehensive strategy to address the challenge of keeping their best people and investing to accelerate their growth.

A sound retention strategy should address four key elements - performance, communication, loyalty and competitive advantage. Together, these four elements can provide you with a retention strategy capable of motivating, engaging and retaining the talent you want to keep.  We work with organisations to develop retention strategies and create tactical solutions that enable and integrate each element. 

  • Performance: People have a deep need to feel they are succeeding and contributing meaningfully to the wider organisation. Our Performance management frameworks create a structure for measuring personal, team and organisational performance, providing the feedback to employees that confirms the value they bring to the business; helping individuals to develop a sense of belonging to the organisation.
  • Communication: An organisation's communications processes can have a critical impact on the level of motivation and engagement within the organisation. Our Leading through change initiatives provide organisations with tools and resources to effectively adapt and thrive in time of change, including techniques to effectively communicate and engage employees at the individual, team and organisational level. 
  • Loyalty: Loyalty is an earned, reciprocated response to the trust, respect and commitment shown to employees.  Employees need to sense that they are trusted, respected and appreciated by the organisation.  And in return, loyalty will grow. We partner with organisations to create Engagement initatives that build long-term loyalty. 
  •  Competitive advantage: It is an important part of being human to want to succeed and be on 'the winning team'.  Being clear about what makes your organisation distinct and sets it apart from the competition is an important part of retaining talent.  Our Transforming cultures initiatives help organisations to determine and effectively communicate their unique competitive value proposition to make the organisation an attractive one to work for.