Assessment and development centres

Measuring capabilities and competencies via psychometrics and assessed exercises provides individuals and organisations with a reliable predictor of future performance and potential.

We design and conduct world-class rigorous and stretching talent centres, with either an assessment or development focus. These centres measure relevant behavioural competencies for business critical roles or particular leadership levels. 

 A typical peoplewise assessment or development centre has several components:

  • Design: We tailor exercises to our clients' organisational competency frameworks, either using materials from our extensive catalogues, or creating bespoke elements.  
  • "Stretch" Measurement: All our centres feature a series of stretching, challenging exercises that measure participants' core strengths and development areas. Some exercises are completed online prior to the centre and others are completed on the day. We operate a 2-1 behavioural observation ratio with our expert assessors.
  • Report preparation: The assessors analyse the data and prepare feedback reports. These range from short summary dashboards, to in-depth coaching reports.
  • Feedback: We offer 1-to-1 feedback and coaching to each participant, either over the phone or in person. This is a unique opportunity to deep dive into some of the impactful behaviours observed during the stretch day, and set developmental goals.
  • Development planning: We provide a range of tailored development activities that encourages participants to transfer knowledge and insights from the centre back into the workplace. 
  • Client feedback: We work closely with our clients to inform them of their talent population stratification, including high potential individuals who have single and multiple talent spikes. We advise on the best way to develop all participants further by leveraging strengths, reducing extremes and mitigating risks.
  • Database maintenance: We keep secure and confidential talent databases, accompanied by annual reports and presentations, which provide our clients with a thorough understanding of the bench strength of their talent pools.