Co-creating talent strategy

A recent survey on talent management practices found that almost one third of organisations do not have a talent management strategy, and another third do not understand or appropriately apply their talent management strategy.

At peoplewise, we view talent management strategy as the glue that holds all talent management processes together. A good talent strategy ensures that methods for identifying, developing and engaging talent are aligned with long-term business goals and objectives, and enables an organisation to leverage their people potential in a value-adding, sustainable way.

We work alongside organisations to help them develop and enhance their talent strategy, using our simple three-step process.

Step 1: Current state analysis

Understanding your current state, in order to build your future.

We create a profile of the existing talent population, and benchmark this against competitors and industry best practice. This information is used to help you create a value proposition of what your business, and the talent within it, offers to the market.

Step 2: Defining what "good" looks like

Figuring out what "good" looks like in your business context.

What makes a "good" sales director? What makes a "good" people manager? Where are the competency overlaps, and where are the differentiators? We conduct deep-dive analyses of each job function and level, and combine this with a full understanding of the organisation's long-term business strategy. The result is a customised leadership model and competency framework that provide a blueprint for best practice within your organisational context.

Step 3: Aligning processes

Identifying key strengths and gaps in your talent profile.

Which talent management solutions currently meet your needs, and which ones do not? We assist in the design, re-design and development of talent solutions that will leverage your organisation's existing strengths, and enhance any development areas. The result is that employees are fully equipped with the capabilities and knowledge to succeed in the business, and the business is fully equipped with the right people to facilitate competitive advantage.