STAR Coaching Academy

Coaching is a proven and effective means of realising a person’s full potential. It can be the critical factor that tips the balance between failure and success.

Organisations that use coaching as a method for leadership development have found that it increases productivity, 360 performance ratings, job satisfaction, well-being and resilience, above and beyond what is gained from having group training sessions, leading to a high return on investment.

peoplewise has been delivering coaching solutions across the globe as a stand alone intervention and as part of wider talent development programmes for over 10 years.

  • Our philosophy and process for coaching are firmly rooted in evidence-based best practice about what works and what doesn’t work when creating behavioural shift
  • Our coaches are global – 60 coaches from 15 countries, coaching in multiple languages – and all combine world-class psychological qualifications with experience in cutting-edge commercial environments
  • Our business benefit is strategic growth, for the individual and their organisation. We run individual coaching programmes, which have clear immediate performance impact, as well as helping organisations develop their coaching strategy, and build their internal coaching capability by upskilling employees in coaching skills.
  • Our services combine standardised packages with bespoke “bolt-on” options tailored towards context-specific organisational needs. In this way we provide value alongside unique contributions to your business.
  • Our psychologists are making contributions to the latest coaching research, through a joint project with the University of Surrey, in which we are exploring the efficacy of leader coach behaviours.

To find out more, please download our STAR Coaching Academy brochure here.