Engagement initiatives

Organisations with higher levels of employee engagement have around three times the profit margins of those where employees report disengagement. This is because engaged employees work harder, stay longer, and motivate others around them.

While many organisations carry out engagement initiatives, surveys have consistently found that only a third of today's workforce is actively engaged at work. We believe that this low figure may in part be due to current practices of treating engagement in a piecemeal manner.

At peoplewise, we believe engagement isn’t just about one-offs and quick fixes. It is about taking a holistic view of the organisation, and implementing organisation-wide, multi-level solutions that deliver a loyal, engaged workforce.

Our offering includes:

  • succession management strategic support, to enhance loyalty by making sure employees know what is expected of them and how they can grow within the organisation
  • engagement surveys that help organisations ask the right questions to understand exactly what is driving employee morale and how employees feel about the organisation
  • our Five C’s of Employee Engagement workshop, which engages employees through  the principles of Connect, Career, Clarity, Control and Collaborate.