High potential identification

High potential individuals are an essential resource for innovation and business growth.

Many organisations struggle to effectively implement talent management solutions that are challenging enough to keep high potential employees engaged, committed and constantly growing.

Once an organisation has defined their talent strategy, and determined what “good” looks like in their organisational context, they need to understand the different talent pools that comprise their talent population. At peoplewise, we help our clients differentiate between “keepers” and “misfits” by stratifying the talent population into the following four categories, using a range of different metrics and assessments:

  • Super Keepers: the top 3-5% of the organisations. They demonstrate multiple spikes across a range of competencies, and greatly exceed expectations.
  • Keepers: employees within the top 20% of performers. They demonstrate one or two spikes, and typically exceed expectations.
  • Solid citizens: the vast majority of employees (circa 70%). They meet expectations but do not demonstrate capabilities to exceed expectations.
  • Misfits: the bottom 2-3% of performers. They consistently fail to meet expectations, and are negatively impacting the organisation’s overall performance.

Once the high potential population has been defined, we work with organisations to design tailored development offerings that can effectively grow their Super Keepers and Keepers, in order to fully leverage their strategic talent resources.