Leading through change

In a VUCA world that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous, it can sometimes feel like change is the only thing that remains constant.

While periods of organisational change are often perceived as stressful and fraught with uncertainty, research tells us that change transition points create ideal moments for learning, growth and adaptation. To successfully lead through change and leverage change transition points, an essential ingredient is effective communication processes at the individual, team and organisational level.

We work with organisations at the individual, team and organisational level to help them to learn to adapt and embrace change. Successful adaptation requires understanding of the typical individual reactions to change and capability to navigate around the stages of change, including having the ability to recognise derailers, risks and opportunities. Ultimately, with successful adaptation comes opportunities for growth – at the personal, team and organisational level.

At peoplewise, our world class strategies and solutions for leading and managing through change integrate change theory and research with our years of expertise as practitioners of managing change globally.  We work with organisations to help them understand and manage change, and use transition points to inform the delivery of strategic change initiatives.

Our offering includes:

  • Our unique Change Model, which defines the stages of change and helps people to understand the typical thoughts, feelings and behaviours that accompany each stage.
  • Our Change Orientation psychometric, which provides unique insight into the individual propensity for adaptation and provides feedback on the typical change transition points and derailers at the different points of the change cycle.
  • Tools and techniques specifically designed to equip individuals within the Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading Business populations to enable successful adaptation and realise the opportunities for growth.