Performance management frameworks

When applied effectively, performance management competency frameworks are at the heart of driving business growth.

At their best, they clearly define what "good" looks like, reward positive impactful behaviours, reduce negative impactful behaviours, and facilitate employee development and planning.

However, for many organisations, performance management is reduced to an annual appraisal meeting, where neither party invests the time nor the effort required to derive any benefits. In these situations, performance management becomes disconnected from the wider organisation, leading to employee disillusionment and demotivation.

At peoplewise, our performance management frameworks create a structure for measuring personal, team and organisational performance to provide the feedback employees need to confirm the value they bring to the business; helping individuals to develop a sense of belonging to the organisation. We design and implement world class performance management frameworks that are strongly connected to the strategic capabilities that organisations require now and in the future.

Our approach ensures that your performance management competency frameworks:

  • are the building blocks of your organisation's talent management system
  • send a consistent message to the workforce about ‘what it takes to be successful’
  • focus on outcomes and are therefore measureable
  • provide a common language for your organisation
  • integrate HR strategy with business strategy
  • will engage and retain your talent

All our performance management competency frameworks are fair, valid and defensible. They highlight career pathways, enabling people to determine how to succeed in the organisation. They are user-friendly and easily understood, which ensures that they are fully utilised within your wider talent management system.