PsyCap Plus

The PsyCap Plus programme develops the underlying capabilities that predict the actual and potential ability to perform in the workplace, thus offering a high return on investment for organisations.

PsyCap Plus is an interactive, challenging three-day programme. Participants are assessed, developed and exposed to thought leadership in four core areas of leadership capability:

  • Confidence. Confidence refers to a feeling of certainty about your abilities to succeed in your role, team and organisation. Individuals with higher levels of confidence will have a greater belief in their ability to overcome obstacles, a greater willingness to take on new and challenging tasks, and a balanced consideration of both positive and negative feedback.
  • Resilience. Resilience is the ability to assess and adaptively respond to the requirements of a situation. Individuals with higher levels of resilience can respond flexibly and adaptively in challenging and changing situations, can effectively manage their emotional responses, and can retain a positive outlook, using setbacks as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • Drive. Drive relates to motivation for completing tasks and succeeding in your role, team and organisation. Individuals with higher levels of drive will have a greater desire to succeed, a determination to complete tasks effectively, an ability to plan and organise goal achievement, and a willingness to learn new skills.
  • Mental Agility. Mental Agility relates to an individual's ability to think strategically, conceptually, clearly and flexibly. Individuals with higher levels of Mental Agility can clearly and objectively define complex problems, can easily switch between contexts and levels of analysis, and can develop logical and insightful arguments.

We measure PsyCap Plus capabilities using our unique PsyCap7 and MAP psychometrics. The PsyCap Plus programme is associated with a large number of positive outcomes, including a stronger sense of self, greater determination to succeed, higher productivity levels, more effective strategies for dealing with change and challenge in the workplace, a more strategic view to growing the business, and more impactful leadership behaviours. PsyCap Plus can be run as a stand-alone programme, or integrated in part or whole into other talent solutions.