Talent profiling and benchmarking

To improve performance, an organisation needs to have a good understanding of what its talent population looks like, and how it stacks up in comparison to competitors.

We use a range of metrics and frameworks to measure capabilities and predict potential on an organisational, team and individual level. We use this data to create talent profiles and benchmark these against competitors and industry leaders. 

Our profiles can be:

  • focused on your internal talent pools, or benchmark your organisation against competitors
  • stand-alone, or integrated into your wider talent metrics
  • based on a range of psychometric assessments, including our own industry-leading products such as PsyCap7 and MAP
  • created as bespoke tools based on your individual needs, or selected off-the-shelf
  • presented via dashboard summaries, or written up in detailed reports
  • focused on selecting for future potential, or appraising current performance