Team assessment and development

Interpersonal relationships are the lifeblood of organisations, forming connections between individuals, teams and the wider organisation.

Good team functioning and dynamics indicate that there is a shared vision and purpose. This creates synergy, where the combined effect of the team is greater than the sum of its parts. This perspective informs the peoplewise approach to building and developing teams and the relationships within them. From clarifying a team’s strategic value proposition to working with its members to understand how to be leaders of change, we strengthen relational bonds to deliver business success.

Great teams and average teams are differentiated by how individuals and groups engage and work together effectively. At peoplewise, we work with you to assess the functioning of your teams and design solutions to meet the specific development needs of team leaders and members. This ensures that critical behaviours and dynamics for success are created in order to maximise performance. 

  • Team Pulse Checks: Our team pulse checks are a powerful tool to assess the well-being and functioning of teams in the workplace. They provide a rich analysis of the strengths, development areas, and readiness for change upon which interventions can be designed and targeted. 
  • Team Building Initiatives: We offer a variety of team building solutions aligned to the culture, values and behaviours needed to make teams successful. These are tailored and flexible, based on the specific needs of your team.
  • Team Interventions: We conduct interventions to move teams to the next level of performance, by understanding their current blockages, and things that are derailing them from success, and helping them develop understanding, skills and strategies to overcome these.
  • Team Master Classes: We develop and run team master classes in diverse subjects, such as improving team creativity, managing team conflicts and managing team diversity.