Transforming cultures

An organisation's culture is defined by the values, assumptions and shared experiences of its employees. Put simply, culture defines "how things are done around here".

Being clear about what makes your organisation distinct, in terms of its culture and its competitive position in the market, is an important part of engaging and retaining talent. Cultural norms underpin behaviour on every level of your organisation, making culture a powerful strength to be leveraged, but also a potential barrier to organisational progress and risk to business growth.

The peoplewise approach to cultural transformation involves:

  • working with senior leaders to determine the organisations 3 Vs; the vision, values and strategic value proposition, which collectively define what makes your organisation distinct
  • determine your organisation's existing culture, using our unique cultural analytics and metrics tools
  • providing tools and resources to help leaders shape and embed the culture

We have worked with hundreds of organisations to help transform cultures globally. We regularly partner with our clients to conduct strategic organisational research that informs the development of the vision, values and strategic value proposition.