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Groupie love! Two things HR can encourage to develop your Positive Resilience in the workforce Groupie love! Two things HR can encourage to develop your Positive Resilience in the workforce

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Groupie love!

The hangover from stressful events or encounters at work can lead some people to isolate themselves. “Me time” to self-reflect is an important aspect of bouncing back stronger after a fall.

Get Connected to Build Your Organisation’s Resilience Get Connected to Build Your Organisation’s Resilience

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Get connected to build your organisation’s resilience

The future of work is here. The current global health pandemic has been a great leveller. Employees have been brought closer by common stressors and challenges.  Meanwhile, well-being and mental health have firmly seated themselves in lofty positions on board agendas.

resilience training resilience training

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Is resilience training worth it?

HR and Learning and Development functions have always been hailed as critical in driving an organisation’s wellbeing agenda. Businesses are recognising that they do have a certain responsibility when it comes to their employee’s health and wellbeing at work.

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How to build your resilience in 10 minutes!

It may surprise you to know that respectable psychological research supports the idea that those of us who have experienced moderate levels of adversity or even trauma are likely to be more resilient than those who haven’t.

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4 reasons to write your new year resolutions down

January usually starts out with great enthusiasm but as the year goes on, we tend to slip back into bad habits or lose momentum. One way to combat this is by writing your goals down.

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Micro-break your way to better resilience!

Scheduling and taking strategic micro-breaks during your day can benefit you and your work. Research has shown breaks to have a positive relationship with productivity and well-being.

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Why you shouldn’t “write-off” 2020

For all of us, the beginning of 2020 saw an end to the ebb and flow of ‘normal’ life. By spring, we had witnessed waves of change across the globe, that we now know to be a seismic, fundamental transformation in the way we live our lives; personal and professional.

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The year in focus 2020: Reflections from the CEO

Reflecting Back and Looking Forward. No one could have foreseen that 10 months on, our planet would still be in the grips of a deadly pandemic. Throughout these challenging times, as part of my role as chair of two global corporate well-being councils, I have witnessed first-hand, extraordinary human efforts to support others and create advantage from adversity.

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Wapping Hockey Club Ladies 1st Team – Leveraging Positive Resilience to Deliver Advantage

peoplewiseis a proud sponsor of Wapping Hockey Club Ladies 1st team helping them harness the power of positive resilience to realise their full potential as a team in what has been a tough 2020. In this recent interview with one of our Senior Consultants, Siobhan Stewart and Chelsea Hodgson explain how the relationship with peoplewiseis benefiting them in building a stronger team with insights gained from our Positive Resilience Profiler.

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The year in focus 2020: Reflections on Talent Assessment

2020 has proven to be an interesting year, which has challenged individuals and organisations to reconsider their talent priorities, across the globe. Two constant headlines since the beginning of 2020 appear to be the financial impact on organisations as well as the increase in unemployment due to Covid-19. To that end, it behoves peoplewiseto share some key insights in the talent assessment space.

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The year in focus 2020: Reflections on L&D

Leadership development, and the L&D function, has long been toying with virtual, digital and hybrid learning, yet it has taken the pandemic of 2020 to accelerate transformation within the industry.

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Coaching – The ‘STAR’ for strategic talent development

The field of coaching has grown considerably in recent times. Empirical research exploring the effectiveness of coaching suggests there are many personal and organisational benefits from engaging in a coaching relationship. However, these studies provide an uncertain message about what makes coaching effective. Indeed, empirical research has struggled to keep pace with developments in the coaching field and there remains a paucity of theoretical modelling to underpin this important development tool.
This white paper aims to bridge the gap between empirical research and practice. We fuse relevant evidence from the academic literature with perspectives from practitioners about the current state of coaching.

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International day of the girl child amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

On October the 11th 2011, the UN declared International Day of the Girl Child to recognise girls’ rights and highlight the challenges that they face. The day draws attention to the fact that in many places around the world girls are disadvantaged based on their gender and age. The COVID-19 pandemic has further and disproportionately disadvantaged these members of society.

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World Mental Health Day 2020: Our tips to keeping well

In one way or another, our fundamental way of living has changed. It is now most critical to equally prioritize not only our physical but mental health.

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Would you trust a Business Coach without a Qualification?

As Bill Gates once said “Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.”

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Bouncing Forward in Uncertain Times

Today we face a global crisis, punctuated by uncertainty and global challenge. In these unprecedented times, we are helping leaders lean into this uncertainty with guidance on how to leverage their knowhow, skills and tactics to lead boldly and engage widely.

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PsyCap Potential Case Study 1

Identifying and developing leadership potential using PsyCap Potential in mid-level leaders within global insurance organization.

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Positive Resilience Case Study

Creating a growth agenda through positive resilience: the human capacity to grow and thrive in uncertainty, lean into failure and bounce forward in an unpredictable world.

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PsyCap Potential Case Study 2

Identifying and developing leadership potential using PsyCap Potential to develop leadership pipelines.

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Positive Resilience: Thrive or Survive?

In times of challenge, it’s not just about bouncing back, how about bouncing forward? Build positive resilience into your resolve with certain thinking patterns and behaviour. peoplewisehas done extensive research on this critical capability. Learn five ways you can build your ‘base camp’ of psychological reserves.

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Predicting Leadership: Business Critical Capabilities

How can you really predict leadership potential? Our extensive research has shown there are the five critical behavioural and psychological capabilities that a leader must acquire to help their organisation thrive. Find out more about Perspectives™, our talent model that delivers a framework for organisations to assess and develop leadership potential.

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Building Positive Resilience Blog

A global pharmaceutical had been struggling to meet certain compliance regulations. Although efforts had been made to address issues identified in audits, there was limited success in achieving the requirements.

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Value Proposition Case Study

‘Voice of the Customer’ research to inform the value proposition and business model of the future in the CRES & FM outsourcing industry.

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Cultural Integration Blog

The Caspian Sea Oil consortium, comprising 11 nationalities, 7 oil companies and 5 governments was failing to hit business targets due to a lack of shared vision, trust, tolerance for cultural and geographical diversity, and an inability to harness individual talent within a complex partnering relationship. 

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Executive Coaching Blog

A large government organisation requested help developing their senior level leaders, in order to maximise performance and strategic impact. To meet this need, peoplewise conducted several intensive individual executive coaching programmes. This example provides a deep dive into the experiences of one of the participants.