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Would you trust a Business Coach without a Qualification?

As Bill Gates once said “Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.”

Just as professional athletes acknowledge that having a trusted coach to help guide them, identify strengths, and focus on areas of development is paramount to their performance, so too are organisations and business leaders acknowledging that today more than ever before, in this highly unpredictable environment, having a coach is a must have for optimising performance.

The case for business coaching is well documented (Olivero, Bane and Kopelman, 1997; Board et al, 2016). But it goes well beyond Executive Coaching. A study by Pousa & Mattieu (2015) found that the use of managerial coaching in organisations increased managerial self-efficacy which, in turn, promoted employee self-regulation and general resilience in the team, thereby creating sustainable competitive advantage.

While the evidence for the efficacy of coaching is clear, one important question persists: If coaching is so important, why isn’t it regulated? You can’t become a football coach without a professional licence and anyone who has watched the gripping Netflix series ‘The Last Dance’ will testify, you have to get a degree and experience as an assistant before you can be the next Phil Jackson.

As things stand, anyone can call themselves a business coach without formal qualifications. Every journey has to start somewhere and education gives us the foundations to build our careers on so why should coaching be any different?

A trusted and qualified coach can significantly accelerate learning and enable recipients to clearly see their strengths, areas for development, and opportunities to thrive. Some coaches are focused on skills development, others act as sounding boards, still others help shine a light on strategic alternative realities – whichever the focus, all coaches need to build a solid evidence based foundation upon which to deliver their profession and enable all coachees to thrive.

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