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4 reasons to write your new year resolutions down

Here are 4 reasons you should right down your resolutions

With the turn of a new year and a proverbial line in the sand, many take the opportunity to “begin again” and make some changes in their lives. People set goals, challenges, and resolutions with every intention of achieving them. January usually starts out with great enthusiasm but as the year goes on, we tend to slip back into bad habits or lose momentum. One way to combat this is by writing your goals down.

  1. Clarification

By writing your goals down you are able to be clear about what you have set out to achieve. A good way to structure your goals is to ensure that they are SMART goals. That is, goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

  1. Motivation

Motivation is key to achieving your goals. By writing them down, you are taking the first step of articulating your intention. However, this is not enough. You must then take action. Track progress, write this progress down and review your progress against your goals regularly, which will continue to motivate you.

  1. Narrow down

Living in a VUCA world, there can be an abundance of challenges, opportunities and aspirations that you may want to take on. It is tempting to either take on too many and end up achieving none or jump from one to the other without a clear sense of direction. By narrowing down and focussing on a few key goals, you are more likely to achieve them.

  1. Celebrate progress

Day to day progress may be slow. As you progress towards achieving your goals, celebrate the small wins, as well as, the big wins as you tick off goals that have been achieved. This can provide a great sense of satisfaction which in turn will boost your confidence and belief in yourself to continue to strive to reach your goals.

By writing down your goals, you are psychologically committing to the tasks that are important to you. In doing so it enables you to visualise and set a clear path to reach them.

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