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Coaching – The ‘STAR’ for strategic talent development

The field of coaching has grown considerably in recent times. Empirical research exploring the effectiveness of coaching suggests there are many personal and organisational benefits from engaging in a coaching relationship. However, these studies provide an uncertain message about what makes coaching effective. Indeed, empirical research has struggled to keep pace with developments in the coaching field and there remains a paucity of theoretical modelling to underpin this important development tool.
This white paper aims to bridge the gap between empirical research and practice. We fuse relevant evidence from the academic literature with perspectives from practitioners about the current state of coaching.

In: Articles & White Papers

Adaptive Leadership – the 5 practices of highly adaptive leaders

Today we face a global crisis, punctuated by uncertainty and global challenge. In these unprecedented times, we are helping leaders lean into this uncertainty with guidance on how to leverage their knowhow, skills and tactics to lead boldly and engage widely.

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Positive Resilience: Thrive or Survive?

In times of challenge, how about not just about bouncing back to where you were before, but bouncing forward to develop and grow? peoplewisehas done extensive research on what it takes to leverage adversity and come out stronger than you were before. Learn about the 7 Pillars of Positive Resilience to enable you to thrive and reach your potential for happiness and success.

In: Articles & White Papers

Predicting Leadership: Business Critical Capabilities

How can you really predict leadership potential? Our extensive research has shown there are the five critical behavioural and psychological capabilities that a leader must acquire to help their organisation thrive. Find out more about Perspectives™, our talent model that delivers a framework for organisations to assess and develop leadership potential.