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Building Positive Resilience Blog

A global pharmaceutical had been struggling to meet certain compliance regulations. Although efforts had been made to address issues identified in audits, there was limited success in achieving the requirements.

At one of our clients, business morale was suffering and employee engagement was low. The HR function of the business had been working hard to support employees, but this was beginning to take its toll on them. peoplewise was asked to run a Positive Resilience development workshop with the HR team.

The brief required a pragmatic, practical approach with techniques & practice opportunities to provide tools to build and sustain Positive Resilience within the team, and in turn have HR team members, in their leadership capacity, be skilled to create environments in which their team members could once again thrive and fulfil their potential for happiness and success. In advance of the workshop, each participant completed the Positive Resilience Profiler (PRP), our psychometric developed to measure Positive Resilience. The PRP assesses the 7 Pillars of Positive Resilience.

peoplewise put together an engaging and practical workshop, which involved activities and techniques to build strength in each of the 7 Pillars of Positive Resilience. We reviewed Individual PRP Reports with the team and coached each member of the HR team on their results, with a focus on how to create good habits that increase and sustain Positive Resilience.

The workshop concluded with a session on harnessing team strategies to energise, drive and sustain team performance and a focus on developing and maintaining collective Positive Resilience. An additional separate session was held with the team leader to give feedback on the team PRP report and explore strategies for enabling a wider arc of change in the organisation.

peoplewiseis now working with other team leaders and continuing to support the HR team through a coaching programme. A measurable ROI has already been reported.