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Cultural Integration Blog

The Caspian Sea Oil consortium, comprising 11 nationalities, 7 oil companies and 5 governments was failing to hit business targets due to a lack of shared vision, trust, tolerance for cultural and geographical diversity, and an inability to harness individual talent within a complex partnering relationship.

peoplewise was asked to help this complex, matrixed leadership team work together effectively. peoplewise embarked on a programme of change including the co-creation of a common shared culture which embraced the groups’ diversity. This was made possible by applying Hofstedt’s theory to create a climate of cultural awareness and understanding across the leadership team and wider teams and through history sharing, story-telling and identifying the behavioural expectations key to business success.

The newly defined team culture along with information from detailed interviews and analysis were used to define key transition points and inform the most appropriate strategies for growing relational trust and collaboration in order to deliver the shared business goals. Fundamental to this was the ability to develop rapport, gain trust and communicate effectively with key business stakeholders.

Clear targets were set, and follow-up workshops analysed ongoing team effectiveness and potential risks.

Within 12 months the consortium had achieved its shared business goals. The peoplewise approach resulted in a sustainable outcome of cultural harmony between diverse team members and a team that continued to exceed targets across all measures.