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The Seven Pillars of Positive Resilience

The Seven Pillars of Positive Resilience

How can we more effectively manage the impact of adversity, challenge and stress?

The global health pandemic has tested the resolve of almost every human on this planet and has cast a light on our ability to cope with adversity without breaking. Many people who have faced personal and professional battles over this time have been inspired by stories of individual and collective ‘grit’ under unusually stressful conditions. Indeed, these stories of bending, and adapting but never breaking, provide solace that despite whatever life throws at us, we can cope.

So what lessons can be learned from those who braved unlikely odds and – through dogged determination and courage – survived to tell the tale? Sadly, very little if the moral of the story is simply to ‘dig deeper’.

The truth of the matter is that inspirational stories of resilience alone – with little or no guidance on how to cope in difficult situations without being overwhelmed – are unhelpful.

Click here to read the full article, as featured in EDGE The journal of the  Institute of Leadership & Management Summer 2022

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