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The year in focus 2020: Reflections on Talent Assessment

2020 has proven to be an interesting year, which has challenged individuals and organisations to reconsider their talent priorities, across the globe. Two constant headlines since the beginning of 2020 appear to be the financial impact on organisations as well as the increase in unemployment due to Covid-19. To that end, it behoves peoplewise to share some key insights in the talent assessment space.

1. Graduates and entry level roles – Organisations are spoilt for choice

Graduate and entry level roles have typically been viewed as less important roles to assess for, however, clients are increasingly using assessments at the most junior level up to executive and partner level suggesting that organisations are seeing the benefit of a consistent assessment approach across all roles. Another reason for the increase in the use of assessments at this level may be due to the increased candidate pool and decreased number of roles available due to covid-19.

2. Assessing performance AND potential – Virtually

As a business, we have seen a dramatic increase in virtual assessment and development centres – particularly at senior leadership levels. Executive and partner level roles are being assessed through a multi-pronged approach using 360, psychometric and assessment centre data to inform the organisation’s succession pipelines. Conducting virtual assessments, over traditional  face-to-face assessments, has been positively embraced by both clients and participants.

3. Increasing strategic application of assessments – Strategic Human Resource Management

Whilst we know that the utopia of assessment is where all employees are assessed, with clear development plans following through to performance management, reward and promotion, we know this has not been the case. Psychometric and non-psychometric assessments are increasingly being utilised to drive longer term talent decisions across the employee lifecycle from hire to retire – fully capitalising on the data and talent insights available to employers.

We know that the only constant is change, and there is certainly no lack of change afoot, organisations need to future-proof their businesses by building talent bench strength and investing in assessment efforts which will truly provide return on investment. That’s where the experience and expertise of the peoplewise team can help. Let us help your business today.

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