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Team Development

Optimise team dynamics and launch team performance to the next level.

Interpersonal relationships are the lifeblood of organisations, forming connections between individuals, teams and the wider organisation. Good team functioning and dynamics build a shared team purpose and synergy where the combined effect of the team is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our Edge

At peoplewise, we work with teams to understand and strengthen relational bonds in teams, building mindsets, dynamics and behaviours that will deliver business success. Utilising our expertise in behavioural observation and analysis, we assess a team’s functioning, and design solutions to meet their specific development needs.

What we offer

Team Pulse Checks

Our team pulse checks draw on a range of tools to assess the functioning of teams, providing a rich analysis upon which interventions can be designed and targeted.

Team Building Initiatives

We offer a variety of tailored and flexible team building solutions aligned to the culture, values and behaviours needed to grow successful teams.

Team Interventions

We conduct interventions to move teams to the next level of performance, by helping them develop understanding, skills and strategies to overcome current blockages and performance derailers.

Team Master Classes

We develop and run team master classes in diverse subjects including strategic thinking, innovation, team conflict, communication, and capitalising on team diversity.

Get in touch

To become certified in our team psychometrics and solutions, including Positive Resilience Profiler (PRP), DISC Personality Profiler, Influencing Styles Profiler (ISP) and Emotional Agility Profiler (EAP).