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Positive Resilience & Wellbeing

Turn challenge, change and adversity into advantage and competitive edge using Positive Resilience

Our CEO and Founder, Dr. Belinda Board, delving into the meaning of ‘Positive Resilience’ and how it can help you and your organisation thrive in a VUCA world:




Organisations and individuals need Positive Resilience to flourish in a VUCA world that is increasingly fast paced and unpredictable. Performance at work can be hindered by challenge or adversity, but with Positive Resilience both performance and underlying wellbeing can be heightened.

Our Edge

At peoplewise, we have been researching resilience for a number of years and have found that to thrive in a VUCA world, resilience is not enough.

Our research has identified 7 Pillars of Positive Resilience that enable individuals and organisations to thrive rather than just survive and reach their full potential for happiness and success.

Our unique model of Positive Resilience, comprising these 7 Pillars, enables individuals and organisations to bounce forward, not just back, from challenge, change and adversity.

What we offer

Positive Resilience workshops

Our Positive Resilience training workshops provide highly engaging, interactive exercises that help individuals understand and develop their personal Positive Resilience using evidence-based approaches to ensure that they can grow and thrive in a VUCA world.

Team diagnostics & development

Our team workshops provide line managers and teams with insights into individual and team Positive Resilience. Supported by the Positive Resilience Profiler team report and targeted interventions and strategies, these workshops enable teams to build the mindset, develop the skills and access tools that will enable them to effectively build positively resilient individuals, environments and cultures.


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