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Pioneering and bespoke 360 and psychometric solutions to deliver rigorous, valid and robust talent insights to inform business decisions and drive personal growth.

Laser sharp talent insights to power business decisions and enable personal growth.

Our Edge

Our research-led psychometrics, behavioural assessments and 360s provide deep-dive accurate insights into personality, cognitive ability, cultural fit, leadership potential, performance and leadership derailers.

Backed by science and uniquely mapped to your specific needs, our valid and reliable assessments and psychometric solutions are stimulating, thought-provoking and insightful.

Above all else, our talent tools provide talent intelligence to power business decisions and enable personal growth. Right people, right place, right time.

What we offer

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Use our talent tools to inform the decisions you make about your business's most important asset.

In recruitment, to sift thousands of candidates

In selection, to identify candidates most likely to succeed in a role

In learning & development, to identify strengths and development needs

In team development, to improve team dynamics and performance

In cultural transformation to deliver change by transforming mindsets and behaviours

In succession planning, to identify and develop future leaders

In strategic talent management, to profile pipelines and future-proof critical talent pools

During transitions, as an input into redeployment and restructuring

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Knowing and growing your talent is not a ‘nice to have’, it is the key differentiator for business success in a VUCA world.