Engage: Employee
pulse survey app

Gain instant feedback on employee engagement and behaviour with Engage, our employee pulse survey app.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Your business strategy will live or die according to how engaged your people are. But how well do you really know what they are thinking, feeling and doing?

Engage is a flexible employee pulse survey tool that gives you the answers you need, whenever you need them. Unlike traditional engagement surveys, it enables you to gather quick snapshots of the cultural landscape in real time.

Gain company-wide, ‘finger-on-the-pulse’ data on how well people are engaging with the company and their work, living the values or embedding target behaviours. Customise surveys to reflect the culture you are trying to cultivate. Slice and dice the data to pinpoint exactly where the problems are.

This is especially valuable during times of challenge or change, when you can use the data insights to continually optimise, improve and evidence the effectiveness of cultural transformation initiatives.

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