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Level up your leaders
with ILM

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) is a globally-recognised awarding body, offering world-leading qualifications that develop leadership capabilities and evidence learning.

We deliver a range of ILM qualifications in leadership, management, coaching and mentoring, equipping your people to succeed at every level of leadership.

E-learning courses

Our talent platform, Enable, gives your learners instant access to online courses that they can complete wherever they are, whenever they need.

ILM3 Certificate
in Leadership and Management

This ILM3 qualification gives first-level line managers foundational management skills, tools and techniques to become more effective and confident in motivating, engaging and leading others.

ILM5 Certificate
in Leadership and Management

This ILM5 qualification equips middle managers to develop their ability to lead, motivate and inspire through strategic leadership and day-to-day management.

Virtual or classroom learning

For other ILM awards and certificates, we deliver virtual, hybrid and face-to-face courses to suit your needs.

ILM5 Certificate
in Coaching and Mentoring

This ILM5 qualification equips people to develop and embed coaching skills into their managerial and organisational practices, with strategies to create a coaching culture and enhance the performance of others.

ILM6 Award
in Management

This ILM6 qualification gives current or aspiring senior managers tools to critically review their own performance, understand how management theories influence practice, and carry out research to inform how they work.

ILM7 Award
in Leadership and Management

This ILM7 qualification prepares current senior managers for executive leadership positions, developing their capability to think and act strategically, and to optimise their impact as an executive leader.

Apprenticeship diplomas

ILM Level 5 Diploma for Operational Leaders and Managers

We offer an 18-month qualification course for individuals in private, public, or voluntary organisations who oversee teams and projects that help deliver broader strategic goals.

The ILM Level 5 Diploma for Operational Leaders and Managers has been developed in line with the latest management standards and the Level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager apprenticeship framework.

This Diploma is a unit-based course that gives learners a comprehensive toolkit, with the flexibility to develop the areas most relevant to their own specific work context and interests.

Benefits for learners

  • Take charge of personal and professional development to improve performance and accelerate growth
  • Develop robust communication skills that foster productive relationships and generate tangible outcomes
  • Enhance ability to lead individuals and teams, empowering success in both individual roles and collective goals
  • Become more proficient in communication and business planning to effectively convey strategies and plans

Benefits for organisations

  • Meet the learning and development requirements for operational or departmental leadership and management, aligning with up-to-date, employer-defined occupational and apprenticeship standards
  • Increase candidates’ confidence and readiness for end-point assessment (EPA)
  • Acknowledge accomplishments with ILM digital credentials


This apprenticeship standard has a maximum funding cap of £7,000, which is the anticipated full cost for delivering this standard and the end point assessment.

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