Emotional Agility Profiler

Do you want to improve performance, workplace dynamics and commitment in your workplace? Reduce stress and errors among your workforce? If so, Emotional Agility (also commonly called emotional intelligence) is one of the best investments you can make.

With our globally validated psychometric assessment, Emotional Agility Profiler, you can measure and nurture people’s ability to understand and regulate their own emotions, adapt well to their social environments and build positive relationships with others.

Emotional Agility is a person’s ability to recognise their own and others’ emotions and use this information to guide their thinking and actions.

Individuals with higher levels of Emotional Agility tend to be self-aware, self-regulate their emotions appropriately, pick up on social cues and what is going on for others around them, and are socially adaptive to others. They know and remain true to their principles and values, enabling them to be personally and interpersonally effective.

The Emotional Agility Profiler is a psychometric assessment tool that measures the four factors of Emotional Agility: Personal Insight, Personal Adaptation, Interpersonal Insight and Interpersonal Adaptation. It is easy to interpret and offers practical insights to help individuals, teams and organisations immediately target strengths and development areas.

EAP Model

Best uses

  • Personal development
  • Leadership development
  • Conflict management
  • Coaching
  • Team optimisation

Key features

  • Completed online in under 15 minutes via our secure Enable platform
  • Compares your employees with global managers and leaders
  • Analysis available includes reports for individuals, leaders, 360 and teams
  • Reports are in-depth, accessible and interpretive, with overall EAP score, with tailored development points of the four factors of Emotional Agility

Case study

Emotional Agility Profiler in action


A global financial services organisation wanted to improve its ability to build internal and external customer relationships. It recognised that increasing the emotional agility of its customer facing teams would help to drive the business forward.


We partnered with the organisation, providing training for its HR team to administer our Emotional Agility Profiler psychometric. We then guided the team through using the tool and optimising the outputs across various departments.


Significant increase in employee engagement across the organisation

Higher levels of positive customer service feedback

15% increase in bottom line revenue attributed to this initiative

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