Derailers Profiler

Even the most promising and accomplished leaders and professionals can develop counterproductive personality characteristics that derail performance, progression and business growth.

With our globally validated psychometric assessment, Derailers Profiler, you can precisely and swiftly identify these characteristics across your organisation to manage and mitigate these risks effectively.

From executive-level fraud, to toxic middle management, to individual counterproductive behaviour at any organisational level, identifying associated risk-posing traits in the workplace is challenging. These subtle traits often mask as strong interpersonal and social skills, making them difficult for organisations to accurately detect.

Our Derailers Profiler is a unique assessment measuring the nine risk factors that make up an individual’s risk profile: Egotistic, Fearless, Bold, Single-Minded, Calculating, Pragmatic, Detached, Competitive and Antagonistic.

Recognised for its validity and reliability, our Derailers Profiler empowers businesses and individuals to gain profound insight and heightened awareness of specific risk factors that can negatively impact professional relationships and career success. It identifies behavioural tendencies associated with these risk factors and offers tailored development insights to mitigate potential risks.

Best uses

  • Identifying high-risk characteristics in individuals of varied corporate status and position
  • High-risk job role screening
  • Personal and leadership development
  • Coaching

Key features

  • Completed online in just 15 minutes via our secure Enable platform
  • Uniquely identifies underlying counterproductive personality traits
  • Comprehensive report providing rich insight into each individual’s high-risk factors, with tailored discussion and reflection points to support professional development

Think bigger

Want to assess potential as part of a more holistic talent assessment approach? Our Perspectives Leadership and Talent Assessment Solution does exactly this, giving you a complete picture of the four determinants of leadership success: Potential, Competencies, Motivators and Derailers.

Case study

Derailers Profiler in action


A financial services business observed numerous high-profile examples of damaging behaviour across the financial services industry and wanted to avoid experiencing the same. The organisation was determined to identify derailer behaviours in its leadership, trading and compliance populations so it could better understand the risks and development opportunities.


Using the Derailers Profiler, we assessed the three target populations using our survey-based psychometric and follow-up interviews with teams to identify individual and collective risks. Solutions included team-based development, individual targeted coaching and targeted performance plans.


Individual behaviour tracked over the next 12 months showed significant shift in behaviours from counterproductive to productive

Team engagement data reported significantly healthier cultures and less counterproductive workplace behaviours

Significant reduction in employee relations incidences

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