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Transform the way you know and grow your talent with Enable: our one-stop-shop for online talent assessment and development.

The technology behind the psychology

We put years of research, expertise and experience into creating psychology-based talent tools you can build your business with. Enable is the award-winning technology platform that puts these tools in your hands.

Use Enable to…



Shop our range of talent tools and certification courses


Deliver assessments and projects at any scale


Get talent intelligence to empower data-driven decisions

“Enable has streamlined our assessment processes and cut out the middle person.”

Head of Assessment and Talent

Simplify your talent toolkit

Browse and buy from our wide range of assessment and development tools – all hosted on Enable.


360 surveys

Assessment centres

Impact: Behavioural pulsing app

Engage: Employee pulse survey app

Leadership qualifications

Practitioner training and certification

Practitioner training and certification


Streamline your talent projects


Intuitive dashboards ensure assessment administration, management and reporting is fast and effective.


An automated end-user experience means you can effortlessly scale your assessment and development projects around the world.


Choose self service to independently administer and manage all your assessments in one place. Or choose managed service and we can take care of everything for you.


Unlike some platforms, Enable gives you full access to your data and puts you in the driving seat. Plus, every employee or candidate gets access to a personalised assessment report with actionable insights.


Transform your talent insights

Enable is an integrated technology platform that deepens and connects your talent insights.

Analyse your employee data at individual, team and organisational levels. Benchmark your talent against normative populations, track individual and population changes over time, and monitor ROI of your talent investments.

Whatever you need to know, Enable’s powerful analytics empower you to make clearer data-driven decisions and measure organisational success against business objectives.


Heatmapping reveals patterns and trends to find capability gaps that inform development needs.


Use advanced filtering to deep dive into business metrics to identify top performers, build talent pipelines and plan succession.

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