Positive Resilience Profiler

When your business is disrupted by challenge and change, why do some people cope better than others? What does it take for people to not just survive – but thrive? The answer: positive resilience.

With our globally validated psychometric assessment, Positive Resilience Profiler, you can equip individuals and teams to come through challenging times stronger than they started, and build an organisational culture that turns adversity into advantage.

Many think that resilience is about “digging deeper” or a special ability that only some people possess. Our decade-plus of research and practice shows otherwise.

Positive resilience – the ability to thrive in challenging environments – is an ability that can be identified and developed, if done the right way. Our model of positive resilience consists of seven pillars: Purposefulness, Perspective, Control, Connectedness, Growth, Coping and Wellbeing.

The Positive Resilience Profiler gives individuals and teams a robust assessment of these seven pillars, providing a pathway to master straightforward actions that reset unhelpful habits and form positive, new behaviour patterns.

Best uses

  • Transformation programmes
  • Culture and wellbeing
  • Personal development
  • Team development
  • Leadership development
  • Coaching

Key features

  • Based on over 20 years of scientific research and working with global organisations
  • Accurately and fairly assesses current level of positive resilience against seven pillars
  • Explains attitudes and behaviours of positively resilient individuals based on seven pillars, with development guidance
  • Completed online in under 30 minutes via our secure Enable platform
  • Benchmarks results against global working professionals comparison group
  • In-depth, user-friendly and actionable reports for individuals and teams

Case Study

Positive Resilience Profiler in action


A global commercial real estate organisation was alarmed by cultural challenges on a key account. Top of their concerns were employee’s health, engagement and the resulting performance.


Using our Positive Resilience Profiler psychometric, we measured and benchmarked the current level of positive resilience within the culture in 2021 to understand where resilience resources were less developed in individuals and teams.

Following group feedback, focus group and action planning sessions, we measured the positive resilience in 2023 comparing it to the previous scores, which indicated clear positive outcomes and impact.



increase in employee engagement


increase in client focus reported by employees on the account


increase in safety and wellness

increase in employee engagement
increase in client focus reported by employees on the account
increase in safety and wellness

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