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Between 2019 and 2022, the coaching industry grew at an average rate of 7%, becoming a 20-billion-dollar industry in just three years. The reason behind this huge rise is simple: coaching delivers results.

Let us help you deliver transformational growth through our coaching solutions.

What we offer

We offer personalised, one-to-one coaching programmes for all levels of an organisation and across a range of contexts.

Transition coaching

Transitions can be incredibly varied, from role changes, adapting to a new seniority or expanding career horizons in other ways. A smooth succession or transition of an individual to an executive role, for example, can make or break wider organisational success for months and years to come. Building personal impact and resilience are just two of the typical areas of focus of transition coaching. Both are essential parts of leadership.

This coaching is ideal for:

  • Those stepping up or stepping across in remit
  • Executive leaders joining the C-Level for the first time
  • Any experienced employee going through a career change of some kind
  • Supporting individuals experiencing change

Coaching for

High-potential employees have the ability and ambition to succeed in organisations. This is for those rising stars to develop leadership capabilities and accelerate career growth.

This coaching will help:

  • Develop a robust pipeline of leaders who feel nurtured and valued
  • Develop the individuals’ influencing capabilities – vital skills for future, senior roles
  • Spark greater self-awareness, which will enable them to be agile and adapt
  • Motivate them to explore, identify and achieve their potential
  • Give them that confidential space to overcome limiting beliefs

Coaching for
board members

Our highly personalised, one-to-one coaching for board members provides a trusted, safe space to reflect and talk, supporting them to maximise their personal contribution and impact on the board.

This coaching will help to:

  • Gain clarity on their unique leadership purpose at this level
  • Assess individual strengths and development areas and how these can be best leveraged
  • Identify blind spots or areas of political and strategic improvement
  • Develop impact and executive presence
  • Explore challenges in a confidential space and confide in someone as a ‘sounding board’

“Executive coaching with Peoplewise has clearly accelerated my career trajectory. The structured programme enabled me to enhance my strengths and develop my strategic thinking to successfully navigate the executive landscape. My coach was skilled at bringing the very best out of me through a combination of psychological evaluation, competency analysis and behavioural appraisal wrapped together in a safe and enjoyable environment. Their coaching has been a true door-opener to enhance my capabilities and ensure long term strategic thinking at the highest level.”

Managing Director, Global facilities management sector

Why Peoplewise?

Proven STAR technique

We work at a psychological level to address root causes and transform behaviour in a deep and lasting way.

Business understanding

Our coaching is purpose-built for the real business world, with coaches who have first-hand, senior-level business experience.

Professional standards

Our coaches are all certified by ICF, BPS or similar bodies, assuring the highest standards of expertise, ethics, curiosity and passion.

How we accelerate growth

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