Assess psychological capabilities to identify strengths and areas for development.


Developed over two decades of scientific and workplace research, our psychometrics offer a valid assessment of people’s cognitive capabilities and behavioural strengths for your business. Through a range of tools, we also assess individual and team styles, preferences and dimensions, all mapped to your assessment needs.

All of our psychometrics are globally validated, and Perspectives PsyCap Potential is registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS), meaning you can rely on our assessments with total confidence.

All our assessments and their outputs are hosted on our Enable technology platform, which offers a unique data lens through which to know your talent, understand your business and make better data-driven decisions.

Whether your talent objectives require a single psychometric or an assessment solution across the talent lifecycle, our assessment offering can accommodate your every need.

Our digital self-assessment tools provide participants with a seamless assessment experience and offer your organisation meaningful data to assist in talent acquisition and talent management decisions. All our individual assessments include development reports with an option for coaching feedback, enabling participants time and space to explore, reflect and build development plans.

Our digital team-based assessments provide team insights, pinpoint strengths and risks and accelerate growth performance. We also offer expertly facilitated team sessions to deepen team connections, build understanding and trust and enhance team growth.

Our digital culture assessments provide business-wide insights into the cultural landscape of an organisation. Based on our extensive research into what differentiates a thriving change-ready culture, our 7 Pillars of Positive Change model indicates people’s ability, individually and collectively, to thrive (not just survive) in disruptive and challenging environments. When all seven pillars are in flow, people engage with change positively and the organisation is highly adaptive and fit for transformation.

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Want to build your internal assessment capability? We offer virtual, hybrid and face-to-face training and certification in all our psychometrics for HR teams and consultants.

Our globally validated psychometrics

Perspectives Leadership and Talent (PLT)

PsyCap Potential™

The Derailers Profiler

Mental Agility Profiler™ (MAP)

Positive Resilience Profiler (PRP)

Influencing Styles Profiler (ISP)

Emotional Agility Profiler (EAP)

DISC Personality Profiler

Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs)

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