Impact: Behavioural pulsing
and analytics

Track, nudge and embed learner behaviour in real time with Impact,
our behavioural pulsing tool.

Keep learning alive

Learning isn’t finished when your people leave the classroom or coaching session – it’s only just beginning. And the science is clear: giving people regular opportunities to receive, reflect on and act upon personal feedback is a proven way to accelerate positive behaviour change.

We don’t leave change to chance. That’s why we created Impact, a behavioural pulsing tool that embeds and sustains each individual’s continued learning and development through real-time behavioural nudging and measurement.

Growing through feedback

Impact is a user-friendly web app. Each learner selects the behaviours they want feedback on and invites others to rate them. They get this feedback instantly, enabling them to continually improve and track progress against their personal objectives.

Pulse checks are equally effective in team contexts. For example, sales and service teams can receive real-time customer feedback on their performance to improve customer service KPIs.

This personalised and data-driven approach empowers individuals and teams to maximise growth on their respective programmes and development journeys. And it gives your business confidence and reassurance by evidencing return-on-investment for development programmes.

Spark - Enable

Enable: talent analytics

Using our digital talent platform, Enable, you can collect and analyse Impact’s behavioural talent data at individual, team and organisational levels.

This gives you a unique opportunity to track behaviour and performance change and identify training needs. With sophisticated data analytics, you can make data-driven talent decisions and measure the return on investment of your talent development activities.

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