Influencing Styles Profiler

Influencing is one of the most sought-after leadership skills in today’s workplaces.

With our globally validated psychometric assessment, Influencing Styles Profiler, you can understand people’s preferred influencing styles and equip them with a flexible range of strategies to enhance communication, influence and impact.

The Influencing Styles Profiler defines four influencing styles (Persuade, Direct, Bridge and Energise) and identifies a person’s dominant or preferred styles based on how they typically behave when trying to influence others.

Our Influencing Styles Profiler is a unique assessment. This psychometric enables your employees to identify their own strengths, weaknesses and beliefs when it comes to influencing people. It also provides invaluable insight and practical guidance on how to adapt influencing style to specific audiences and situations.

Influencing Styles Profiler

Best uses

  • Sales training
  • Coaching
  • Personal development
  • Team development
  • Leadership development

Key features

  • Completed online in under 15 minutes via our secure Enable platform
  • Based on extensive peer-reviewed global research and workplace validation
  • Analysis available includes reports for individuals, leaders and teams
  • Reports are in-depth, accessible and interpretive, providing scores for each influencing style (Direct, Persuade, Bridge and Energise) and tailored development points
  • Compares your employees against managers and leaders globally

Case Study

Influencing Styles Profiler in action


A US-based tech company realised that a significant lever to ensuring its growth was to bridge the observed gap between two key populations: Sales and Tech teams. Both were failing to communicate and collaborate effectively and these behaviours were limiting growth.


We designed a bespoke programme for influence with impact in three phases: Engage, Learn and Embed.

In Engage, participants were primed for learning through bite-size reading about why influence is a key competency for their particular work, completing the Influencing Styles Profiler psychometric, and identifying situations of influence to apply in the workshop.

In Learn, participants completed an interactive one-day workshop full of immersive experiences, top tips, practical techniques and constructive feedback. This built their capability and confidence in applying different influencing styles in different contexts to increase their sphere of influence and ensure a positive impact with a range of stakeholders.

In Embed, participants completed on-the-job challenges to apply their new learnings and insights, with guided self-reflection on learnings and successes. This was supported by a facilitated 90-minute webinar to ensure “learning stickiness”.

This immersive learning solution was rolled out for multiple teams of combined sales and technical colleagues, targeted at key cross-working groups.


Provided a common language to surface key areas of conflict, challenge and success in relationship building, communication and collaboration

Greater self-awareness of individuals’ own dominant and least-used influencing styles, with enhanced capability and motivation to intentionally adapt influence approach for different audiences and outcomes

Subsequent roll out to HR team and rising leaders population to enhance influence with impact capability at group-wide level

Built internal capability and accreditation to provide ongoing feedback, coaching and skills training

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