• Redefining your career trajectory

    Re-imagine. Re-engage. Re-emerge. To thrive in these uncertain times, our three-step model will help you reflect and plan for your career moving forward.

  • Navigating adversity: the power of positive resilience in a complex world

    The global health crisis and recent geopolitical events have tested humanity's resilience, inspiring many amidst significant stress. Psychologists at Peoplewise have researched "positive resilience," emphasising not just coping but thriving. Supported by seven pillars—purposefulness, perspective, control, connectedness, growth, coping, and wellbeing—positive resilience enables effective navigation of challenges.

  • Encouraging people to look to connections can make your organisation stronger

    Our networks provide us with emotional and tangible support which in turn shapes how we think about things. Positive relationships and supportive environments at work as much as at home have a worthy role to play in building individual, team and organisational resilience.

  • A positive new dawn for leadership resilience

    When it comes to thriving, leaders need to forget the bounce-back and start role modelling the bounce forward.

  • 3 Things leaders can do to support employees with anxiety

    Complexity and uncertainty can make us anxious. The world we live in is increasingly both. Between a cost of living, political and economic uncertainty, strained public services, a climate emergency, and heightened worry about our future, no wonder our mental health is under strain. This is creeping into our work lives too.

  • 3 Psychological Tools to Stay Motivated and Achieve your Goals

    We've all experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed or unmotivated when it comes to achieving our goals. Whilst many factors can help or hinder us, as psychologists we know the best place to start is developing the right mindset. Doing so will allow you to tackle any goal you’re working towards.

  • What most organisations get wrong about predicting leadership potential (and how to fix it)

    Organisations often rely on past performance to select leaders, yet research shows this approach is flawed as success in one role doesn't guarantee success in more complex positions. Peoplewise’s PsyCap Potential™ offers a forward-looking approach, helping organisations identify talent and navigate challenges moving away from past performance assessments.