organisational culture

If you are struggling to integrate teams following M&A activity or a restructure, suffering from change fatigue or experiencing challenges with engaging your people, the culture of your organisation may be the root of the problem.

In times of change, it is especially critical that your workplace culture is one that people want to be part of and that engenders the right mindsets and behaviours to realise your strategy.

How we create change-ready cultures

Our culture model – 7 Pillars of Positive Change™ – is one we have refined through decades of robust research and proven business practice.

Positive Change indicates people’s ability – individually and collectively – to thrive (not just survive) in disruptive and challenging environments. It consists of seven pillars. When all seven pillars are in flow, people engage with change positively to facilitate a highly adaptive organisation that is fit for strategic transformation.

What we offer

Cultural audits

We conduct reliable research to understand the current “way things are done around here”, including your specific enablers and blockers of positive change.

Culture gap analysis

Our diagnostics and reports highlight the gaps between actual and optimal culture and include expert recommendations for how to spark and sustain the change that’s needed.

Culture strategy

We collaborate with senior teams to define strategic direction and identify the collective vision, values, mindsets and behaviours requires to shape the desired culture.

Cultural integration

Using evidence-based psychology as our foundation, we unite teams by building a shared understanding of who they are, what they stand for and what makes them distinct, creating one team and one vision.

Engagement programmes

From communication cascades to change-ready workshops, we use tried-and-tested methods to engage people at all levels in cultural transformation.

Engage: employee pulse survey tool

Gain instant feedback from across the business on how well employees are living the values and embedding target behaviours. Use the data insights to continually optimise, improve and evidence the effectiveness of cultural transformation initiatives.

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