Fuel high performance and successful transitions at every level of leadership.

Your leaders are the future of your business.

With our award-winning leadership development solutions, you can nurture the next generation of leaders, build strong talent pipelines and give people everything they need to perform and transition successfully at every level of your organisation.

Our road-tested programmes, masterclasses and bite-size development sessions have a long track record of proven learning impact. They combine classroom training, facilitated online sessions, social learning and digital interventions to create a high-impact, blended learning journey that engages your leaders at their place and pace.

what matters

Based on our years of experience and research, we have identified the five critical psychological capabilities (inner circle) and five behavioural capabilities (outer circle) that consistently predict leadership success at all levels of an organisation. Together these represent the Potential and Competencies domains of our Perspectives Leadership and Talent Model.

Our core leadership development offering targets the development of each domain capability. Used by itself or mapped against your existing capabilities model, it offers a powerful framework for your strategic talent development.

What we offer

Core leadership programmes and masterclasses

Drawing on the domains of Potential and Competencies from our unique Perspectives™ Leadership and Talent Model, our core leadership programmes develop the five critical psychological capabilities and five behavioural capabilities that are consistently linked with job success at every level of an organisation.

Bespoke and hybrid leadership programmes

We can combine our own expertise and experience with yours, designing programmes that meet your organisation’s specific goals and preferences. We can build unique programmes from scratch or integrate selected modules from our core programmes. Our flexible delivery model means that we can design up-front or take an agile, emergent approach to target what is most needed as the learning journey progresses.

Industry-recognised qualifications

As a highest-rated ILM centre, CMI partner and accredited Apprenticeships training provider, we can fortify our development programmes with endorsements and qualifications to give your people world-leading standards, benchmarks and externally-recognised qualifications that evidence learning.

Capabilities benchmarking

Use our suite of globally validated psychometric and 360 survey tools to enrich, personalise and optimise your leadership development programmes. These provide unique insights into each learner’s readiness, suitability and particular development needs, showing them – and you – exactly where to target development interventions for maximum impact.

Tools to embed ongoing learning

Learners usually have every intention to carry out their commitments, but business-as-usual activities can often take over and interrupt their application of learning. So, we offer a range of learning boosts and accountability tools that drive ongoing reflection, ownership and motivation to embed learning in real-world business contexts.

Flexible delivery

Choose from different delivery formats to suit your needs.
All can be delivered virtually, face-to-face or hybrid.



Holistic capabilities

(3-12 months)



Intensive skills

(1-2 days)



Focused skills

(2-3 hours)

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