Situational Judgement Tests

When you need to know how well people are set to succeed in a role, our Situational Judgement Tests offer a proven way to find out.

By assessing people’s reasoning and decision making using powerful, work-relevant scenarios, you can better determine the fit of individuals joining the business or even development gaps for those looking to develop within the organisation.

Select from our library of off-the-shelf Situational Judgement Tests designed for specific roles across industries or benefit from bespoke design and branding built for your specific context and role.

Our off-the-shelf Situational Judgement Tests are available to use across a wide range of contexts and industries. Scenarios and appropriate responses are benchmarked against the behaviours required at each level of leadership – from Leading Self to Leading the Enterprise. Each scenario is accompanied by an appropriate image representing the scenario to give candidates additional context.

With our bespoke Situational Judgement Tests, we not only develop context, role and industry-specific scenarios, we also define the appropriate responses based on your culture, values and ways of working. We can also customise these to include branded, representative images of your organisation that reflect the true working environment.

Best uses

  • Sales training
  • Coaching
  • Personal development
  • Team development
  • Leadership development

Key features

  • Completed online in around 15 minutes via our secure Enable platform
  • Off-the-shelf or customised options available based on your organisation
  • Personalised individual report to debrief on the scenarios and identify development gaps
  • Bridge the gap between current and expected behaviours in the organisation to drive development plans and initiatives

Case study

Situational Judgement Tests in action


A commercial real estate business recognised that many of its leaders were not demonstrating the behaviours expected of them. We were asked to engage with leaders to understand the causes behind this and propose an appropriate solution.


As a first step, we assessed the misalignment of leadership behaviours. To achieve this, we developed customised Situational Judgement Tests to assess individuals against context-specific scenarios appropriate to the company’s leadership behaviours and organisational values. This was followed up with individual feedback and group playback sessions to explore assessment results. This then informed the design of a leadership development programme.


Greater clarity on expected behaviours, benchmarked against best practice leadership and anchored in the organisation’s values

Targeted skills practice and feedback based on the identified development gaps

Baseline scores for every leader to inform self-reflection and peer coaching

Established a standardised set of scenarios for the organisation to use moving forward for both assessment and development of leadership behaviours

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