Mental Agility Profiler

Your leaders today need to be able to navigate complex challenges at unprecedented speed and scale. You leaders tomorrow, even more so.

With our globally validated psychometric assessment, Mental Agility Profiler, you can assess, in-depth, people’s cognitive capability to excel at problem solving and strategic thinking in these complex, ambiguous environments.

Mental Agility is the ability to engage in logical problem solving and analysis, and to demonstrate sound judgement in a variety of contexts.

The Mental Agility Profiler is a high-level, non-verbal test of abstract reasoning, emphasising skills variously referred to as “fluid intelligence”, “divergent intelligence” and “inductive insight”. It is a robust psychometric that provides insights into people’s capacity for thinking conceptually, analytically, clearly and flexibly, along with their comfort in complex problem solving environments.

Best uses

  • High volume and general recruitment
  • Graduate recruitment and development
  • High potential identification
  • Personal and leadership development
  • Coaching

Key features

  • Completed online in under 30 minutes via our secure Enable platform
  • Compare your employees with global graduates or the top 15% of global managers and leaders
  • Analysis available includes reports for individuals, leaders, 360 and teams
  • Reports are in-depth, accessible and interpretive, with overall MAP score, analysis of test performance behaviours and tailored development points

Case Study

Mental Agility Profiler in action


A global manufacturing organisation identified a lack of strategic thinking from its leaders. The organisation lacked innovation, fresh solutions and consequently was losing market share.


We partnered with the organisation, using the Mental Agility Profiler to identify their leaders that had significant capability in thinking flexibly and strategically. These leaders were then appointed to roles that used these capabilities. The organisation also deployed the Mental Agility Profiler for all external and internal recruitment processes.


30% reduction in turnover rate of senior leaders

High Mental Agility Profiler scorers were twice as likely to be promoted within 12 months

Financial turnover increased by 100% in those business units

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